Quasar Science 2′ Q-LED X Crossfade

The Quasar Science 2′ Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp is a bi-colour LED tube. It can be powered by standard AC or Batteries. This light can run for 8.8 hours with the Dynacore 14.8V battery and 5.5 hours with the Anton Bauer G190 battery. All batteries were tested at full power, 5600K. The output of this light can be compared to a Kino Flo 2ft Double. You can mount this light with the included Q-block, screwed to a wall, or by using the Matthews MyWay Quasar Plate, and also by using the Matthews MQ Mount clamp. This light has a colour temperature range from 2000K to 6000K, you can change the colour temperature with the built-in colour temperature dial. This light is also compatible with most LED dimmer and it is flicker-free.


  • Quasar Science 2′ Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp
  • 2 x Q-Boots Linear Shock Absorber
  • 2 x Q-Block Lamp Holder
  • 1 x Power cable


  • Power Consumption: 25 watt
  • Battery Run time: 8.8 hours w/ Dynacore 14.8V battery, 5.5 hours w/ Anton Bauer G190 battery @full power, 5600K
  • Power draw: 0.3A @ 120V
  • Colour Temperature: 2000K to 6000K
  • CRI 95+
  • Weights: 1lbs

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